Saturday, May 06, 2006

Just in case anyone is wondering . . .

I will be posting additional materials on this series in proportion to the participation I see occuring with each new post. I stipulated upfront that I will not be posting for the sake of posting. To top that off, I am still a bit ambivalent (perhap indifferent is more on the mark) about the online stuff I'm doing these days. I'm still busy enough with church-based ministry, in the form of coordinating adult education and small-group ministries for my church (a small church, but we have about 350 in attendance and about a dozen adult-ministry leaders), nurturing a fledgling mountain-area church-based Bible institute (Platte Canyon Bible Institute, which drew about 70 students and six concurrent classes the first quarter), teaching a Greek class through PCBI, teaching a mid-week Bible study, serving on the elder board of my church--oh yeah, and I work for a living and have a family life as well--to give the blog a very low priority.

All that is to say this: If I see high activity, and fruitful and thoughtful discussion taking place on the blog, that will likely prompt me to continue the series. If not, I will likely be just as content not to post--or to post these thoughts on Philippians only very occasionally, as I have time.

On a separate note, the NTRMin Discussion Forum is gaining activity these days. If you're a former poster in good standing, come on over and say hi.