Monday, April 17, 2006

A Fresh Start

It's been about a year since I have posted in this forum on a regular basis. I stepped aside because the responsibility of having to supply information on a regular basis was becoming more of a chore than a joy, especially as my available time to contribute became more and more tenuous. I have to admit to being amused over the past few months upon reading the triumphalistic headlines on the websites of my detractors over the supposed "demise" of NTRMin. So much for that, I guess.

I will be posting in this forum on a regular (not to say, daily) basis, Lord willing; but the direction going forward will be one that does not require commentary on every single theologically obtuse opinion that is being advanced today. And I certainly will not be posting just for the sake of posting (certain other bloggers seem to think they must write down every ounce of mental diarrhea that happens to issue out of their befuddled minds).

Instead, my focus going forward will be on the exegetical teaching of the New Testament. In fact, the series will be titled New Testament Reflections, and each sub-series will be an exegetical look at a particular book of the New Testament. Stay tuned for the first of these, Reflections on Philippians. Until then . . .