Saturday, January 21, 2006

On Jason's Departure

I want to thank Jason Engwer for all the hard work he has done for this ministry. He has consistently displayed level-headedness in the midst of dialogue that would make most of us lose our patience. And, as a stalwart example of a true apologist, he always has a ready answer.

I well remember the AOL discussion forums that Jason mentioned (though I think it was more like '95 or '96, though I may be confusing that with the Sola-L list). It was in that forum that many of us "cut our teeth" on RC apologetics. Mike Taylor was there as well, though he was representing the other side back then.

Jason will retain posting privileges to the blog and administrative rights to this forum, and I encourage him to post his thoughts as often as he likes.

Jason's departure unfortunately does not alleviate my own lack of time to contribute to the forum, and so at this point I'm ambivalent as to how we'll proceed. The traffic for the foums has dwindled significantly over the past year (I guess we all discovered we have lives outside of the Internet), and that will play a significant part in my decision over what to do with it. Here is the status of each forum:

The Areopagus
I plan to keep this forum open for the time being, though I do not know how long. If anyone needs any of the dialogue here, I recommend copying it soon. If I decide to close the forum, it will be an immediate action.

The Heavenly Realm
The Heavenly realm has seen the least amount of traffic over the past year, and I will be closing that forum soon. If anyone in the HR needs any dialogue there, please copy now. I will keep it open for at least a week so that you can find what you need.

The Real Clear Theology Blog
For the foreseeable future, the RCT blog will continue to be open, though there will likely not be much activity there--at least for now (though that may change).

The NTRMin Website
The website itself will continue to be open, and its articles will continue to be accessible. We have received countless emails thanking us for that material, and I think it is worth keeping around for a while.

Will the status of these things ever change? I will consider changing my decision on the fate of the Areopagus and Heavenly Realm if I see a marked increase in activity from the Adelphoi members. I will consider contributing more to the blog as more and more things are removed from my plate (though I do not see that happening for the next six months). Alternatively, if there is no cange on the demands of my time, and there is no increase in forum activity, I may decide to close the website altogether.