Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Testament Reflections: Philippians Prelude

Okay, some of you have been wondering about the Greek text I included in yesterday's blog entry:

το καταριθμα αρχετω

There isn't really anything significant about this. To be honest, I'm not even sure it makes sense grammatically. I was looking around the Internet for a Greek font that would display in all browsers in anticipation of using it for the upcoming Reflections series. I found one (called Antioch), andwas testing it to see whether it would display as it should. For the test, I wrote in Greek (lit.) . . .

Toward Philippians
the countdown, let it begin

Which really means . . .

To the Philippians (JB had it right!)
Let the countdown begin

Since there is no word for "countdown" in Greek (so far as I know), I composed the word as it might appear if it existed (kata = down, arithma = count). The entire second line is one that I made up.

It's also becoming apparent that I'm going to have to find another major heading (other than merely "New Testament Reflections") so that the links on the sidebar can be distinguished one from the other.

Just experimenting at this point. We will start soon, however.