Sunday, December 18, 2005

Irresponsible Parents, Irresponsible Colleges

Lisa Anderson has an article in The Chicago Tribune today about what Christian colleges teach about creation and evolution and how students react to it. We read:

"'For many young people, college is the first time in which their own perspective on the world is being challenged,' said Ron Mahurin, vice president for professional development and research at the 105-member Council for Christian Colleges & Universities."

What were the parents doing during the first 18 years or so of the child's life? Parents need to prepare their children to go out into the midst of wolves, because that's what they will be doing. Every child, without exception, needs to be a debater. They need to have their beliefs challenged in the home. They need to be asked how they would defend their beliefs. They need to be encouraged to think, to study, to be prepared to answer the questions people will ask them and the questions they ought to be asking themselves. But if the parents are ignorant and apathetic, will they care about preparing their children, and will they have much to prepare them with?

In the rest of the article, Baylor University comes off looking bad, as it ought to, and Biola comes across as much more reasonable. The closing segment on "random design" sounds like a sinking ship, even though the professor who advocates it calls intelligent design a sinking ship. I would expect William Dembski to respond on his blog in the near future, and there may be responses at other intelligent design sites. (See, for example, here, here, here, here, and here.)