Thursday, December 15, 2005

What You Might be Missing on Our Message Boards

Some of you may read this blog, but not our message boards. For those who don't read our boards, I'd like to link to some of the recent discussions there. I hope more of you will read the discussion boards and participate. I think there's a lot there that many of you would benefit from.

Here's a recent thread in which Steve Hays discusses open theism with one of its advocates.

Here's a thread in which I discuss unity, the papacy, and some other subjects with some Roman Catholics.

Here's a recent thread on whether faith should be considered a work.

Here's a recent thread about Bart Ehrman and the textual transmission of the Bible.

Here's a thread on Christians being bored with scripture.

I'm continuing with my Apologetics Log series every Saturday. The last segment was on Jesus' Davidic descent. The next two will be on Micah's Bethlehem prophecy and Jesus' fulfillment of it.