Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Three Eighteen-Wheelers Jesus Hid Under His Cloak

Last month, I posted a blog entry discussing a television program set to air in England this Christmas, in which some magicians try to duplicate the miracles of Jesus. A similar program is set to appear on Christmas Eve on The Discovery Channel, and the Associated Press reports this predictable result:

"In each case, the conclusion is that Jesus probably couldn't have tricked people into believing they had witnessed a miracle. 'Is it possible? Yes, it's possible that there was some type of trick because I was able to do it,' says Gill, who turned water into wine during the show. 'But most of those things used technology that he wouldn't have had. We re-created walking on water, but it took three 18-wheelers full of equipment to pull it off.' For Gill, who mostly performs for churches and other religious groups, delving into Jesus' miracles only strengthened his faith. 'Before this year my beliefs were based just on the Bible and what my parents and pastors had told me. Now, I'm really convinced that what I'm believing is the truth.'"