Friday, December 16, 2005

Why Aren't His Numbers Even Lower?

Looking for a bad picture of George Bush? Maybe you're a Democratic campaign worker who wants to find a picture of Bush with his hair messed up, with his tongue sticking out of his mouth, or with one eye opened while the other is closed. I know where you can find that sort of picture. A lot of them, in fact. Just sign onto America Online. It seems that they often try to find just about the worst pictures of the President they can possibly get, and they put them on the screen that appears when you sign on, often accompanied with some leading text that makes Bush look even worse.

Why don't they do the same with Democrats? Maybe they could find a picture of John Kerry standing in front of a microphone on a windy day, with his hair messed up, with his mouth contorted into an awkward position, squinting his eyes. The text next to the picture would read: "Iraq holds a historic election with reports of high voter turnout, but Democrats remain pessimistic. Are they hurting our efforts in the Middle East?" Or they could have a picture of Harry Reid, with an angry expression on his face and with his fist raised in the air, accompanied by this text: "Recently released numbers show more economic growth, but Democrats continue to focus on the negative. Tell us what you think. Vote in our online poll."

Both of the popular parties in this nation are corrupt. But one is a lot more corrupt than the other. And the more corrupt party keeps getting far better media coverage and a lot of help from other sources that are influential in society. Given how many people get their news from sources like Jon Stewart and Jay Leno and how many teenagers would sign onto America Online and see negative coverage of the Bush administration on a regular basis, for example, Bush's low approval ratings don't seem so bad.