Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Miscellanies on Postmodernism

From Doug Wilson's blog, a direct assessment of "evangelical postmodernism," a.k.a., "the emergent church." Once again, the postmodern "heretics" (Wilson's term) at the reformed catholicism blog are, predictably, up in arms over it. I'm, of course, a big fan of anything that creates the necessary internal conflict in the mind of one of the owners of that blog. On the one hand, he constantly chides us for "misunderstanding" his leanings and direction--and those of his cohorts--as postmodernism, and derides us regularly for upholding the importance of things like the gospel and the truth. On the other hand his own mentor has consistently come out against his ilk, and has most recently called their beliefs "heresy," chiding them for their ecumenism toward those who deny the gospel. Perhaps one day that internal conflict will come to a boil and will cause the owner of that blog to denounce Wilson as a "radical sectarian"? Or perhaps he will finally come to his senses and wake up in horror over the fact that the ecumenical "goo" he's been wading in is in reality postmodernist muck?