Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The More They Speak . . .

. . . the more obvious it is that they, along with their RC "covenant brethren," are bent on promoting a works righteousness--I'm referring, of course, to the "reformed catholics"--and then attempting to convince everyone else they alone, as the Illuminati, are the keepers and deliverers of the Calvin gnosis (arrogant statements such as "I wouldn't classify what you wrote as a 'refutation', but just as one more 'common Reformish misunderstanding' of the Reformation's principles" and "all that stuff [our opponents] memorized in seminary might need to be reformed" bear this out quite adequately enough). The article itself is not so much the thing that interests me (given the author, its content is predictable) as does the ensuing discussion in the comments section (which is also predictable, but a bit more interesting). The poster who goes by the name "Ron" does an admirable job in adding sanity to the discussion (as do other posters, whose posts are sometimes deleted). But I truly believe the "Reformed Catholic" crowd is quite beyond correction and will continue to spiral down into ever increasing idolatry over the works of their hands. They've frequently denounced us in no uncertain terms--"I Hate Evangelicalism!" Very well then; we should reciprocate: "We hate your stinking idolatry and your Postmodern Captivity!"

It may be well past time to wash our hands of them completely and refuse to accept them as brothers. With the Psalmist, we should never fail to affirm: "I hate those who cling to worthless idols; I trust in the Lord" (Psalm 31:6).