Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Coast to Coast meets the Left Behind crowd

Well it finally happened. Maybe this wasn't the first time, but it's the first time I heard of it. Being an early riser and having an hour commute to my office each day, I have plenty of dead-air space that I fill in various ways. Mostly, I use that time for prayer, but afterwards I usually listen to talk radio. This morning, during a commercial break from the station where I was tuned in, I came across the "Coast to Coast" radio broadcast. This is a talk show that started with radio personality Art Bell, and is now hosted by George Noory. The show focuses on the paranormal and conspiracy theories.

This morning the guest was a man by the name of Ken Parsons, who claimed to be some kind of Bible expert. In reality, Mr. Parsons has no formal education and was influenced by men like Hal Lindsay and Kenneth Copeland. He believes that Babylon the Great in Rev 17 is the Internet, and that the dragon (Rev 12) and the two beasts (Rev 13) are angles disguised as aliens who come to warn the earth of a coming alien invasion (in reality, the Second Coming) against which the earth will need to defend itself.

Looks like Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins will need to update their series.