Saturday, November 06, 2004

Update on the Alpha and Omega Conference

Just a quick update on the conference:

The conference proper just concluded and I think it was a rousing success. Everyone is getting ready to depart for the Mexican Riviera tomorrow--I'll be driving back to San Diego to catch a morning flight home. The debate went well, and was even humorous at times. One thing I can say about Doug Wilson--he is a likeable guy. I only wish his disciples were as cordial.

The highlight of the conference, at least for me, was personally meeting (for the first time) several of the NTRMin Discussion Forum members. I briefly met basking2, who came to my book table during a break. He confirmed he is a prophet. I had dinner with David King (DTK) and his wife Angela, as well as with crewbear (Evans) and his wife (who went by "Mrs. Crewbear" at the conference). I was also privileged to meet Sharon (Svjo) for the first time. What a delightful lady she is.

Will get back on schedule next week : )