Monday, November 01, 2004

New Blog Format

Because of the recent abuse of this blog by irresponsible RC apologists and quasi-Evangelicals who obviously want to make a name for themselves and get free advertising for their ramblings on my dime, I've decided to disable the comments section of this blog. The purpose of the Real Clear Theology blog is not to provide a forum for heretics and errorists who happen to have more time on their hands to multiply words than I do--frankly their screeds are meaningless to me, and I just do not view them as things worthy of my time. Rather the purpose of this blog is to strengthen the true church--yes, that's what I said; the true church; the living body of Christ; the one that believes and proclaims the true gospel--to warn them against false teachers and teachings, to exhort them to obedience to Christ, and to encourage them to persevere in the faith, in spite of the great pressures they face daily from all sides to defect from the truth. That will surely at times include references to RC apologists (since they, too, fall in the category of false teachers); as well as reference to the so-called "reformed catholic" group, who can't seem to resist adding their inane comments to just about everything; but neither group will occupy much of my time here. Apparently, that crowd was under the impression that I was somehow entering the "blog wars" with them. They were sorely mistaken. Frankly, nothing could interest me less.