Thursday, October 21, 2004

Link to eBook

I received a nice note this morning from Marie at the #prosapologian chat room letting me know (among other things) that the link to my ebook in yesterday's blog entry isn't working. The link is actually to the NTRMin bookstore, and may or may not work depending on whether you've visited the bookstore recently or whether you have cookies enabled in your web browser. So there's no confusion, the ebook can be ordered by going to the main site ( and clicking the "NTRMin Store" link in the menu at the left. From there, just scroll down till you get to Walking in the Truth (that's the name of my commentary on the letters of John).

Marie also indicated that many at #prosapologian are excited about my blog, and that I should add a link to #prosapologian on the "found us where?" field of our website contact form. Thanks for the suggestion, Marie--it has been added : )