Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Few Links

Dennis Prager has a good column on religious liberals. Here's part of it:

"My Google search of 'religious right' yielded 3,890,000 items. A search of 'religious left' yielded 276,000. And that search included right-wing websites. My quick survey of a 'mainstream,' i.e. liberal, news medium revealed an even more lopsided result: New York Times' articles since 1981 mentioned the 'religious right' 1,689 times and gave only 29 mentions to the 'religious left.' As far as the news media are concerned, there is no religious left, only the religious right and 'mainstream' denominations — and, of course, the religious right is regularly described as bigoted, narrow-minded and intolerant, not to mention a threat to the separation of church and state....the religious left is at least as active in attempting to influence governmental policies as the religious right. Perhaps more so."

Jeff Jacoby has a good piece on the death penalty.

Here's a disturbing article about growing sexual immorality in China.

Here's another example of a movie reviewer who seems to give "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" a negative review primarily because of its Christian content. He calls the movie a "Christian Tract" and "Christian propaganda", and he comments that "Like religion, this winter wonderland is arbitrary". I'd prefer a Christian tract of propaganda to the large majority of what Hollywood produces today. Is there any movie that doesn't attempt to persuade people of one viewpoint or another? Do critics like Scott Holleran consider it "propaganda" when a movie promotes the acceptability of homosexuality or condemns racism, for example?