Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Big Argument

About a year ago I was asked by Michael Westacott to contribute to a book he and John Ashton were putting together. The book, just recently released by Strand Publishing in Australian, is titled The Big Argument: Twenty-Four Scholars Explore Why Science, Archaeology, and Philosophy Haven't Disproved God. I contributed a chapter originally titled "Will the Real God Please Stand Up?" Though I have not yet seen the book (a copy is being sent to me as I write this), I'm sure the chapter title has changed. The thrust of my contribution deals with the attributes of God, the sovereignty of God, and the justice of God vis-a-vis the death of Christ and the stipulations of the gospel. I have no idea what the other chapters are since I did not have an opportunity to read them prior to publication, though I can tell you that most of them deal with answering atheists and skeptics. As soon as the book has been distributed to the usual clearing houses, I will anounce its availability.