Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Some Links and Some Wisdom from Deepak Chopra

William Dembski has a post on his blog today about how some creationists are distancing themselves from the intelligent desgin movement. He uses the Institute for Creation Research (young earth creationists) and Reasons to Believe (old earth creationists) as examples. I do think that some creationists are overly critical of intelligent design.

Today's Boston Globe has an article on Rick Warren.

If you don't think much of Deepak Chopra, today's Denver Post is sure to endear him to you:

"Chopra is a renowned guru, lauded by world leaders including ex-President Clinton. Former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev once called Chopra 'one of the most lucid and inspired philosophers of our time.'...Chopra became 'poet-prophet of alternative medicine,' according to Time magazine in 1999....I once had a massage at a place Chopra ran in La Jolla, Calif. I just wanted the kinks worked out of my back after a bumpy flight. But I also got a noseful of exotic odors, an eyeful of spiritual platitudes written on scores of books and posters, and an earful of that wavy, windy, seagull-chirping, whale-crying music. Sometimes, rich freaks with more money than ideas may feel lost. That's where Chopra comes in. 'Every aspect of the design of the Rocky Mountain Chopra Center and Spa will encourage you to explore your true nature, which is infinite, miraculous and whole,' Chopra wrote in some marketing materials. 'I invite you to ... experience the ocean of peace, harmony and love that lies deep within your being.'"