Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ignatius and the Eucharist

After recently seeing another Roman Catholic use this passage in Ignatius to support the Roman Catholic view of the eucharist...

"They abstain from the Eucharist and from prayer, because they confess not the Eucharist to be the flesh of our Saviour Jesus Christ, which suffered for our sins, and which the Father, of His goodness, raised up again." (Letter to the Smyrnaeans, 7)

...I've been convinced by this line of reasoning, and consistency demands that I apply the same logic to Ignatius' comments earlier in the same letter:

"Yea, far be it from me to make any mention of them, until they repent and return to a true belief in Christ's passion, which is our resurrection." (5)

Now all I need to do is get a Roman Catholic priest to transubstantiate Christ's passion for me, so that I can be resurrected under the appearance of remaining unresurrected.