Saturday, August 06, 2005

What's Happening With "Faith Under Fire"?

Those of you who used to watch Lee Strobel's "Faith Under Fire" might be wondering what happened to the program. You're not alone. People have been asking about it on PAX's message boards, and there's been no response from the staff, even though the questions have been posted for weeks. I keep getting the weekly e-mail from "Faith Under Fire", and they keep updating their web site, yet the program never airs when it's supposed to. They seem to be trying to keep people interested in the program, even when it's not on the air, so maybe they're in the process of getting another network to pick it up. In the mean time, I did come across an online video file of one of the better segments of the program, the debate between Mike Licona and Elaine Pagels on the Gospel of Thomas.