Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Poor Judges Complaining About Judgmentalism

A recent story in the Denver Post illustrates what a lot of people think about Evangelicalism, even if they don't often voice their opinion. Most likely, many of these people reaching these negative conclusions about Colorado Springs, for little or no good reason, are the same ones who criticize Evangelicals for allegedly being too judgmental of homosexuals or abortion advocates, for example, even when we have such good reason to be critical of homosexuality and abortion. Often, the people who complain most about allegedly falsely judging people are themselves poor judges. There are problems with ministries such as James Dobson's, as there are to differing degrees with any individual or ministry, but the sort of reaction reflected in this Denver Post article is absurd. It tells you something about the priorities of a lot of people in this society (1 Peter 4:4).