Saturday, June 04, 2005

Through Faith They Still Speak (6/4/05)

"[Christians] may rejoice that they have a strong city, unto which God has appointed salvation for walls and bulwarks. And whatever bitterness their enemies manifest against them, and however subtle and violent they may be in their attacks upon them, they may still stand on high, on their munitions of rocks on which God has set them, and laugh their foes to scorn, and glory in the Most High as their sure refuge and defence. The everlasting arms are underneath them. Jehovah, who rides upon the heavens, is their help. And all their foes he will subdue under his feet; so that they may well rejoice in the Lord, and joy in the rock of their salvation." (Jonathan Edwards, Charity and Its Fruits [Carlisle, Pennsylvania: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1998], p. 302)