Monday, May 30, 2005

The Kansasian Captivity!

Hat-tip to Jason Engwer for this one. I was unaware of the fact that the Babylonian Captivity has been repeated in our own day. For all those who are thinking about crossing the Tiber, I have very good news. You may not need to make that trek and swim that far since the Kansas river may be much closer to you. The true pope of the Catholic Church is not in Rome--he's in Carneiro, Kansas. That's right, Pope Michael is his name, and he (presumable along with Mary) is waiting for you with open arms to come home to Rome--er, Carneiro. There are several Catholic groups who vouch for his authenticity, including Betrayed Catholics and Vatican Exile, so he must be a legitimate contender.

Now, of course, those who are faithful to the anti-pope sitting in Rome will attempt to discredit this; but that's to be expected given the great apostasy of our day. If you're looking for the true pope, you'll not want to miss out on being among the faithful who bring him back to Rome and see him sit in Peter's chair as the rightful occupant.