Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New Blogs I Read

In addition to the usual blogs I have been visiting daily (mostly for blog fodder), I'd like to point the readers to some others that I have picked up recently--mostly because they are recent additions to the blogosphere. I will list them in order of their popular exposure:

1. PyroManiac: Phil Johnson--and be duly warned, he will correct you with immediate effect if you get this wrong; not the Phillip Johnson of creation-evolution fame, but Phil Johnson, executive director of John MacArthur's "Grace to You" radio broadcast and curator of The Spurgeon Archive--has recently decided to give us another voice of theological sanity against postmodernists, roman catholics, and sacramentalists gone wild by putting up this new blog. I'm always glad when someone taking Phil's no-nonsense approach decides to jump into the fray.

2. Triablogue: Another no-nonsense blog by Steve Hays. I don't know who Steve Hays is, and there isn't much to go on to get this information; but his blog is usually direct and clear, and he isn't afraid to take on the nonsensical ramblings of the hot-air infested theological blowhards who have much more bandwidth than common sense, insight or wisdom.

2. Pedantic Protestant. I list him last because no one knows for certain who he is--and he's not telling. But if you follow the subtle hints he provides now and then about his identity, you may finally figure it out without his help. His blog entries are precocious if sardonic, and they are filled with sarcasm and irony--which is why he's usually an enjoyable read : ). I don't always agree with his approach to things (an observation that could be leveled against me as well, I suppose), but his observations are usually on the money.