Sunday, March 20, 2005

A Brief Pause

In all my years of traveling by air (on average, twice a month over the past decade), I've encountered this type of thing on only one other occasion. But the last time it happened there were extraordinary circumstances involved. The prop plane ("puddle jumpers" as frequent flyers call them) aborted the landing due to heavy fog in the Newport News (VA) airport, and landed at an airfield approximately 80 miles away from my destination. In that instance, my luggage went before me on an earlier flight (this was before 9/11 obviously), and I was not able to get it until the following afternoon. Unfortunately, it was rather late in the evening and after renting a car and driving the 80 miles, I didn't get to my hotel until about 1am, then had to get up at 5am to get ready to teach a class that morning. I was hoping I wouldn't experience that kind of thing again, but God has a way of developing character using the most inconvenient circumstances.

Yesterday(Sunday) I took a late-afternoon flight to a small town in Missouri (I took the late flight so that I could teach my Sunday School class in the morning); and while I arrived just fine (although a delay got me in at 9pm), my luggage did not. They don't quite know where it is, but they suspect it never left Denver. I've been assured that I will get it within 48 hours. I was on the phone with the airline till the late hours of the night, and had no time to put together the installment that I had hoped to post in the continuing series on Historical Theology. I hope to post my final installment--which will include a "plot twist" of sorts--by end of day, or at the latest tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.