Friday, March 11, 2005

And They *Were* Offended

Found on the comments section of this post, are the words of anti-evangelical antagonist Jonathan Prejean:

Look how gracious Svendsen was in his reply!

"[David F. is] a pomo, and pomos don't write with clarity because they usually don't think with clarity. That shouldn't be taken as an insult to a pomo (clarity implies certainty, after all), so I'm pretty sure no offense will be taken."

It makes me wonder what Svendsen's excuse for not thinking clearly is. After all, he's the one who can't distinguish between a person and a nature sufficiently well to avoid the heresies of Arius and Nestorius.

Now, the author of the post himself has not commented on my response, so I will comment only on the offense that Prejean assumes the writer has taken from my words. The obvious question is, Why would a postmodernist, who specializes in "deconstructing" "real clear" things take offense at the simple observation that apart from "real clear" things all we are left with at the end of the day is "real unclear things" (the title of the author's original post)? And if all we are left to work with are real unclear things then how could anyone think or speak of or with clarity on anything? Clarity means "clear," after all. If a postmodernist wants to deny something is "clear," then he can't at the same time claim clarity of thinking on it. Hence, my comment that amateur (at times, unwitting) postmodernists (such as are found at "Reformed Catholicism dot com") do not think or write with clarity is merely a statement of the natural outworking of that system. How could they possibly take offense at my affirming about them what they routinely purport to be true of the rest of us?

As for the return insult by Prejean that I don't think with clarity; just because he happens to disagree with me on the issue of the title of "mother of God," and just because he (in so doing) happens to be guilty of the heresy of Apollinarimonophysitism, does not mean that it is I who thinks and writes without clarity. This is the same Jonathan Prejean who a month or so ago commented on Dave Armstrong's blog that I write with "analytical precision." Go figure. Maybe he was just offended because the abbreviation for postmodernist is "pomo," and that sounds too much like another word.