Monday, January 03, 2005

Luke 1:28 and Roman Catholic Apologetic Method

For anyone interested in seeing why no one should believe Dave Armstrong's claim that the biblical passages he cites in his book "confounds" Protestants, I strongly urge you to read James White's series of responses to him here. Armstrong doesn't know it, but James White is acting mercifully as a friend to him. Not many people would have taken the time and exercised the patience Dr. White has shown in this series to correct Armstrong's grasp of this issue, especially since there are not that many of us who take Armstrong's writings seriously (this one example will demonstrate why). To correct him always requires discussing foundational issues that Armstrong should have known before embarking on writing in the first place (which is justification for my prior statement that his writings are little more than a bunch of words that have been loosely strung together). It just takes so long to make those foundation corrections--and that fact is borne out by Dr. White's multi-part series on just this one verse. He has to correct Armstrong not only on his exegetical errors, but also on his lack of foundational knowledge required to do exegesis in the first place.