Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Is the camp imploding?

Doug Wilson wrote a blog entry on postmodern evangelicalism a couple of days ago (see link). Here's an excerpt:

At the end of the day, any theologian who defends the truth as an objective reality apart from our experience of it will be charged with epistemic arrogance and hubris. This charge will be made regardless of his personal demeanor, grace, or graciousness. This charge will be made because the use of language in this debate is all about who will "have the center." The pomos [postmodernists] want it, and they will lie to get it.
While I don't necessarily agree with the use of the language employed in the entry (which I have purposefully decided not to include as part of the excerpt above), I completely understand why Wilson included it, and agree with the points he makes based on that language. The interesting thing is, this article seems to be targeted at the Reformed Catholic crowd--or at the very least is directly applicable to that crowd. Nor has it escaped the notice of the Reformed Catholic crowd--they themselves are under the impression that they are the targets (see link).

In another blog entry, I included Wilson among the Reformed Catholics--or one who is at least sympathetic to that cause, albeit a milder, decidedly more reasonable form of it. I will be happy to recant my prior categorization altogether if he keeps this up : )