Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Postmodernism and the Reformed Catholics

The troops are now coming out in defense of a "postmodernist theology" (link). Funny thing is, TGE (one of the owners of that blog) has always chided me in the past for referring to him as a postmodernist. He viewed that particular nomenclature as a derogatory and offensive epithet. One or two short years after the fact, his colleagues not only embrace it, but are coming to its defense! In light of the epistemological conflict brewing between the recent comments of his mentor (Doug Wilson) and those of his colleagues on his blog, I wonder if TGE will now overtly embrace the postmodernism he has always implicitly held, and come out in defense of his colleagues; or if he will now see it as the hideous "creature of the night" that it is (sorry, I just saw Phantom of the Opera), shun it as he ought, and chalk up the whole experience as an experiment gone bad. Stay tuned.