Sunday, July 30, 2006

Leon Morris

Well, I guess I am just as late as everyone else is on this. Leon Morris, a renowned evangelical New Testament scholar and one who was influential on me in cutting my exegetical teeth, died last Monday. Leon Morris was a stalwart defender of the faith (the best defenders of the faith are not apologists), and one who could always be counted on to give a sane, rational, faithful response to the biblical-criticism proponents of our day. He was perhaps one of my two all-time favorite contemporary Anglican scholars and writers (the other, with reservations about his view on eternal punishment, is John R. W. Stott)--always faithful in his analysis, always true to the text, always reliable and sound in his judgments (even if he was, as D. A. Carson once remarked in class, a bit verbose at points). How I wish the majority of his fellow churchmen would remain as faithful. Leon Morris, 1914-2006