Saturday, May 21, 2005

ABC's The Resurrection

Having arrived home late in the afternoon on Friday, after having been on the road for a week, I retired early to catch up on some long-lost sleep. It wasn't until my wife reminded me of it this morning that I realized I had missed ABC's special on the resurrection. My wife filled me in on the details, and said she thought the evidence was presented in a surprisingly fair way given the media. She expressed reservations about the evidence the special didn't present (medical, legal, etc.), and the equal weight afforded to the usual untenable views held by liberal scholars (mass hallucinations, spiritual resurrection, etc.). But she thought the program ended on a favorable note and that the evidence of the missing body is inexplicable apart from the resurrection.

Ray Pritchard seems to share a good part of that sentiment and has given a favorable review of it on his blog. Other reviews, such as Jason Engwer's review (which is well worth reading), are much more cautious. Not having seen the program myself, I can't weigh in as I might like. All are agreed, however, that Elizabeth Vargas has proven to be a much more trustworthy anchor for this kind of special than her colleague Peter Jennings; and for that we can all be thankful.