Friday, April 15, 2005

The Firing of Marty Minto

This may come as a shock to some who read this blog, but I don't typically write in anger. I'll admit, I sometimes write with irony; sometimes with sarcasm; sometimes with a bit of frustration--and of course, I always write with passion. But these moods are really something different from anger.

But at the moment, I'm angry. I'm angry because of this headline being reported on “Pittsburgh Live.”

Pittsburgh talk-radio host Marty Minto says he spent most of his time on the air last week doing what he always does -- discussing current events from the perspective of an evangelical Christian. Following a week's worth of conversation on his WORD-101.5 FM show that questioned whether Pope John Paul II's Roman Catholic beliefs could be an impediment to entering heaven, station management pulled the plug. Minto was fired Friday, ending a three-year stint as host of the radio station's only locally produced show, which aired from 3 to 6 p.m. weekdays.
Most of you have already heard that Marty Minto, who is also a pastor of a 100-member church, was fired from his position as a talk-show host—at a “Christian” radio station. Why? Did he commit some sin that would make it shameful for him to continue? No. Did he violate some biblical principle that would bring disgrace upon the reputation of the Christian radio station where he worked? No. Was he engaged in some kind of unchristian behavior? No.

What did he do? He had the unmitigated temerity to raise a question about the former pope’s eternal status based on the pope’s beliefs and teachings vis-à-vis the Scriptures!
"I was called into the office after my show Friday and told that I was being let
go because I was alienating the listeners," said Minto, 39, of New Castle,
Lawrence County. "As far as I'm concerned, I was doing what I've always done on
the radio -- look at events around the world from a biblical perspective," said
Minto. "I've always been willing to talk about controversial subjects.”
So just what did Minto say that resulted in his ouster?
During the week in which the news was dominated by the death and funeral of the pope, Minto discussed with callers John Paul II's deep devotion to Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Catholic beliefs, such as purgatory. "I made it clear that the discussion was not an attack on the character of the pope but, rather, a look at the teachings -- not only of John Paul, but the Catholic Church in general," Minto said. Minto said he responded to a question about whether the pope would go to heaven with the belief held by many evangelical Christians that a person must be "a born-again believer." "I said the question of whether a person is born again is something personal, something between an individual and the Creator," Minto said. "I believe it was a legitimate topic to discuss."
That’s it? That’s all he said? He merely raised a question about the pope’s salvation based on the pope's Roman Catholic teachings and beliefs, and he is fired? Just so we have the story straight, here’s his employer’s take on the situation.

Chuck Gratner, general manager of WORD-FM for the past 14 years, said the station does not dispute Minto's account of events. "We ended our relationship" with him because of differences in how he conducted his show, Gratner said. "WORD-FM needs to function in this city in support of the entire church -- that means everybody -- and not focus on denominational issues," he said.
Did you get that? The radio station affirms--and does not dispute--the fact that Marty Minto was fired for daring to suggest, based on the biblical gospel, that the pope might not be saved.
Chuck Gratner wants to be “supportive” of the “entire church.” What is the entire “church,” Chuck Gratner? Does it include Mormons too? They listen to the show, too, you know. Does it include Jehovah’s Witnesses? You certainly don’t want to exclude them from the “entire church.” Why? Well, because they might be listeners! So now the church consists of just anyone who listens to WORD-FM, regardless of whether their beliefs contradict the New Testament’s teaching of salvation by grace through faith apart from works? You know, that gospel for which Paul was imprisoned and eventually put to death? That gospel . . . remember that gospel? The one that stands alone among all the other “gospels” that cause a man to be “eternally condemned”? Remember that one, Chuck Gratner?

Be honest, Chuck Gratner. It’s really about money and sponsors, isn’t it Chuck Gratner? It’s really about how much you and your station can line your pockets, isn’t it Chuck Gratner? It’s really about the embarrassment and shame that accompanies the truth of the gospel, isn’t it Chuck Gratner? It’s really about not having the courage to stand for truth that’s no longer popular in an spiritually adulterous generation, isn’t it Chuck Gratner? That’s just a bit too much to ask, isn’t it? So, as a result you end up being darkness in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation, and you end up cloaking the word of life so that the hapless followers of false gospels can be confirmed in their error and feel good about that error. Isn’t that really what it’s all about, Chuck Gratner?

A man lost his JOB! And for what?

Because his theologically naïve, spirit-of-the-age boss, Chuck Gratner—who would rather be politically correct than theologically correct, and who would rather be in the world than in the truth—cowardly decided to sell his birth-right and sing Kumbaya with a man who his entire papal career proclaimed a "gospel" that is antithetical to the apostolic gospel and cannot therefore save anyone, who led millions down the path to destruction by means of that “gospel,” and who in the end relied on Mary to save him. Is there any doubt in the mind of anyone who takes the Scriptures as his final authority that the pope can’t possibly be in heaven? NO ONE goes to heaven based on the Roman Catholic “gospel,” even if some make it there in spite of that gospel. NO ONE goes to heaven who relies for his salvation one the mother of the One mediator between man and God!


Is this what evangelicalism has really come to? Is this what evangelicalism is about? Is this what it stands for? Since when? You can’t even proclaim the truth on a “Christian" radio station anymore? My goodness, the same radio station broadcasts John MacArthur’s “Grace to You.” If their audience was going to be offended by someone, I know of no one better to do it that John! Have they not been listening? Will they now pull the plug on John MacArthur as well? A man gets fired because he says something that is actually right? He gets fired because he simply states the teaching of the New Testament? He gets fired because he says something that is truthful, and desperately in need of saying to balance the shameful, stupid, idiotic statements regarding the pope that have been coming from the mouths of the so-called evangelical "leadership" who have appeared on Fox News over the past couple of weeks?

How can this be? Who’s next? Will someone else get fired for daring to say that Mormons aren’t true Christians? You bet he will! Oh, perhaps not today or tomorrow. But it’s coming, mark my words. As soon as the shameful evangelicals who betrayed the gospel by holding a love-fest for the pope finally turn their lust toward Mormonism and decide to bed the Mormon “apostles” as their next lover, you can bet people are going to get fired over questioning the salvation of Mormons.

I am beyond disgusted.

I encourage everyone to contact WORD-FM and make your voice heard. Write them; call them; fax them; email them; contact them any way you can and let them know how disgusted you are over this. Here is their contact information:

WORD 101.5 FM
7 Parkway Center, Ste. 625
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Tel: 412·937·1500 Fax: 412·937·1576
Talk Show Line: 412·921·8255
Station email:
Talk email:

I also encourage you to email Marty Minto at, a faithful pastor who has earned my respect for his stance for the truth of the gospel. Contact him and let him know how much you appreciate his stance for the truth, and for remaining faithful to the gospel, even to the point of losing his job at the hands of an unfaithful "Christian" radio station general manager who is more interested in pleasing men than pleasing God. I also encourage you to visit Marty's website.