Monday, January 31, 2005

Brief Interlude

I'm blogging from home today due to my being snowbound in the mountains of Colorado. It's been snowing all weekend, and what little hope I had yesterday of making it out were dashed this morning when I awoke and saw that it was still snowing (we're at about 16-20 inches at this point--not an impossible trek with my trusty Jeep Wrangler, but dangerous driving nevertheless). I'm using a very slow laptop with a dialup connection--broadband has a tendency of spoiling you.

In any case, before I post the second in the series on limited atonement, I want to clarify one point from the first installment. I have decided to remove the section on Romans 5 from the first installment. The reason I've decided to do that is because, although I believe a case for universal atonement can be made from that passage, the exegetical issues surrounding that text lend themselves too much to a protracted discussion on that passage. Rather than getting bogged down in the details of exegetical options for that passage (I realize a case can be made for the other side as well)--and as a result, risk losing focus on the main points of this discussion--I've opted to remove Romans 5 from the blog and to forego the discussion altogether. The second installment follows (translated, is found above) this entry.