Friday, January 21, 2005

Inspirational Thought for the Day

I am once again embarking on reading through the Bible in a year. I began this habit about twenty years ago, just a year or two after my conversion; and apart from a few sabbatical years have accomplished it every year during that time frame. One of my favorite narratives (and one which I just read) is the story of Joseph after he was sold by his brothers and carried off to Egypt. I never get tired of reading about how the Lord was with him in his rise to greatness in spite of the sinful act of his brothers. It is remarkable that even though he was thrown into prison over false charges, and remained there many years, we're told that God was with him even there. Most of us would no doubt conclude in similar circumstances that God had abandoned us and that injustice had prevailed. But not Joseph; his steadfast faith in God, through all that he was unjustly handed, sculpted his character.

My absolute favorite section of this narrative is when Joseph's brothers are forced due to the famine to go to Egypt to buy grain, and Joseph pretends not to recognize them. It always brings a tear to me eye when I read afterwards that "Joseph could no longer control himself" and he revealed himself to his brothers and let them know that he was now lord over all of Egypt and that they (his brothers) were in good hands. What a reunion that must have been!