Monday, January 17, 2005

Where Do These Guys Come From?

I was reading the comments section of DA's blog and happened across a comment made by yet another caustic RC epologist, I. Shawn McElhinney, who has bragged about his imposing physical stature and has offered to use it to "beat me up." When I looked at the profile he has posted on his blog, I couldn't help but notice his "interest" section. Here it is:
Some interests listed in alphabetical order:
Alcohol,Apologetics,Art,Automobiles,Baseball,Blackjack,Beer, (import),Blogging,Books,Business,Cats, Chai,Chess,Catholic Church,Cigars,Computers,Cribbage,Dancing, Dialogue,Dogs,Dominicans,Evangelization, Ethnic Foods and Cultures, (European,Mediterranean,Oriental,etc.), Exercise Science,Family,Fishing,Football, Guitars,Heavy Duty High Intensity Training,Hiking, History (various genres),Incense,Irish stuff,Ladies,Mass,Mexico, Monsoons,Nationalism (within limits), Nightcaps (not the hat), Orthodox Churches,Opinions,Philosophy, Photography,Politics,Prayer,PuertoVallarta, Reading, Real Estate,Red Wine, Ressourcement, Tea,Technology (within limits),Tequila (various flavours),Teriyaki, Theology (various genres),Thomism, Travelling,Ukrainian things (food,Churches,etc.), United States,Vatican,Whiskey,Yesterday.
Just to recap, this is a Roman Catholic apologist. Of those things that he includes among his "interests" are: Alcohol, Beer, Nightcaps (not the hat), Red Wine, Tequila (various flavours), and Whiskey. Isn't that list just a tad bit "heavy" on the drinking side? I wonder if he plans to put himself into a drunken stupor before he comes to beat me up? Or perhaps he was already in one when he wrote his comments? We can't really know, I guess, but that certainly is some list. And he certainly has given credence to the old saying: "Wherever you find three or four good Catholics, there's bound to be a fifth."