Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Welcome to Real Clear Theology

Yeah, I know. The name of the blog is a shameless take off of RealClear Politics. Why did I choose the name? Because I like it, it's to the point, it says just what I want it to say, and I'm too lazy to think up another name. I'll continue to use it until RealClear Politics asks me to change it.

And why the forum? After all, I already run the NTRMin discussion forum. I'm not sure why exactly. Perhaps I see this forum as a venue for airing my opinions in a less structured, more random way. There's something to be said about just writing without having to worry about addressing every potential objection or answering endless rebuttals (yes, I realize there is a comments section here as well; it's still different somehow). I think the main reason for the blog is that the discussion forum is focused on Roman Catholicism and other apologetic issues. I think there is great value in that discussion--which is why I started the forum and continue to maintain it; but my interests of late have grown in other directions.

In any case, I'll be adding my thoughts daily--at least that's the plan for now. The focus of the blog, as the name suggests, will be on theological and biblical issues, and not so much on apologetics. My first love is exegesis and theology, and that's what I'm returning to with this venue.

Until tomorrow