Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finally . . .

Finally . . . work demands having died down a bit with the approaching holidays has at long last allowed me to ease back into posting some comments. Church commitments have also contributed to my internet absence, though that part of my busy schedule is always the most meaningful and enjoyable. Not sure to what extent I'll be posting (whether daily or weekly), but I will attempt it with some semblance of regularity.

Finally . . . I have found something with which Bob Wilkin and I can agree. I recently received the latest edition (Nov/Dec 2007) of the Grace in Focus newlsetter (a newsletter dedicated to propogating cheap-grace easy-believism); and while I normally read the articles in this newsletter while shaking my head in disgust at the tortuous exegesis that dominates the newsletter, this edition focuses instead on the post-modern epidemic among so-called "evangelical" professors vis-a-vis their lack of commitment to the ability to know truth. Not a bad article on the whole. Unfortunately it is not yet online at their website.

And finally--and perhaps most importantly--to the relief of many, you will no longer be shocked to learn, upon accessing this blog, that Harold O. J. Brown has died at age 74.