Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Perpetual Virginity of Mary--Redux

The reformed catholic site is once again flailing over the issue of the appropriateness of Protestants adopting a belief in Mary's perpetual virginity. I had this conversation with one of them a year and a half ago.

Link 1: This deals with the supposed "catholicity" of the belief in Mary's PV, and touches on the Reformers' views (yes, more than one view) of this.

Link 2: This deals with Calvin's view on the issue, the biblical data found in Luke, and the well-debunked "vow of virginity" theory.

Link 3: This covers the scene of Mary at the cross in John 19, and the dubious value of the Protevangelium of James as reliable history.

Link 4: This is especially relevant for those confused by the grossly misinformed statement in the recent rC article that the "Woman " in Revelation 12 is Mary: "the most common opinion of the Church through the centuries has been that this is a depiction of Mary." This is most demonstrably false. Not only is the "people of God" interpretation of Rev 12 the most common--both historically and in the present day, even among Roman Catholic exegetes--it is also the only one that prevailed in the first six centuries of the church.

And, of course, all of these issues (and more) are addressed in my book, Who Is My Mother?, which can be ordered at a reduced price here.