Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Upcoming Blog Entries

I'll be waiting until the weekend to post a response to Paul Owen's latest reply. Presently, I'm just enjoying the responses he's getting from Peter Escalante and Jason Loh (who has also posted a very nice comment on one of the installments to my Cranmer series), both of whom are much more traditional Reformed Anglicans, and both of whom (but especially Escalante) have corrected Owen on his Anglo-Catholic revisionism of Reformation Anglicanism. In any case, it's interesting to see the various points of views about what Anglicanism really is; and it has also become clear that if anyone has misunderstood Cranmer, it is Owen. Cranmer and Owen are miles apart in their view of the church, Scripture, Rome, and authority, in spite of Owen's insistence to the contrary.

I can't add anything of value to their points on the history, but I will continue to comment on the biblical and epistemological points Owen raised in his original article but has not been able to sustain in dialogue. This has been my burden all along, and I'm still not satisfied Owen has understood just where his his self-defeating premise falls to the ground.

Oh, and yes, I plan to continue the series in Philippians at some point soon as well.