Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tom Bethell Responds To John Derbyshire At National Review Online

National Review Online has opened a new section at its web site, called "Out Of The Corner". It allows further discussion of subjects that had been mentioned in The Corner, but required separate treatment in order to have more space or for some other reason. The first edition of Out Of The Corner gives Tom Bethell an opportunity to respond to John Derbyshire on intelligent design. I don't agree with every aspect of Bethell's approach. I think some of his comments are unclear, and he sometimes uses weaker arguments than he could. But he does effectively make the point that detecting the work of intelligent agents is already part of widely accepted scientific research. I'll be watching for Derbyshire's response. I've thought of some possible evasions he could employ, but we'll see what he does. He can't just ignore Bethell's comments the same way he would ignore an e-mail from a proponent of intelligent design.