Monday, November 21, 2005

It Shouldn't Even be Close

Read this story and think about the claims we hear so often from political and religious liberals about how concerned they are for the poor and how materialistic conservatives allegedly are. For example, I came across an editorial this morning in The Daily of the University of Washington-Seattle. The author, Sarah Carr, in addition to many other unsupported claims about conservative Christians, writes:

"The Gospels were not written about a selfish man who helped the rich and forgot the poor."

Supposedly, then, conservative Christians often "forget the poor". That's not my experience with conservative Christians, and I've been in contact with a lot of them. And the Associated Press story linked above doesn't suggest it either.

The Associated Press report tells us that some people dispute the methods of the study that finds the Bible Belt more generous than New England. The report also mentions another study by Indiana University that shows New England as below average and more secular in some ways in its charitable giving.

I don't know which numbers are most reliable and what all of the implications are. But if the claims we hear so often from political and religious liberals were true, the numbers in the blue and red states shouldn't even be close. The blue states should be far ahead. Instead of trying to find studies that show the blue states less far behind or show the blue states even or a little ahead, they should easily be able to find study after study that shows the blue states far ahead. Unless the liberal rhetoric is far from reality.