Sunday, August 28, 2005

Marty Minto's Replacement

Some of you may remember that Marty Minto had a radio talk show on a Christian station until earlier this year, when he was fired after making some comments about Roman Catholicism surrounding the death of the Pope. The station has had a series of guest hosts since the firing of Minto, including a Roman Catholic host, and the new permanent host will begin this Thursday.

He's Jerry Bowyer. Some of you may have seen him on television, and he's written some material you can find posted online, largely on political issues. (See here and here, for example.) I don't know a lot about Bowyer, but I have occasionally seen him on television. He seems to be knowledgeable and careful in the claims he makes, but I don't think he would tend to be willing to address controversial doctrinal issues in the way Marty Minto did.

We'll see how Bowyer's show develops, but I would expect it to be overly ecumenical, as WORD FM in general is. I hope I'm wrong. I'll be listening to Bowyer's program as I have opportunity, and I may comment on the subject here if it's appropriate.