Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Few Thoughts on Repentance vis-a-vis Baptism (Part 2)

"repentance is not simply a state of mind; it is an embodied action which is formally enacted through a physical ritual." (the hyper-sacramentalist on Acts 2:38)

"Repent: There is greater force in the Greek word, for it doth signify the conversion of the mind, that the whole man may be renewed and be made another man, which thing must be diligently noted, because this doctrine was miserably corrupted in the time of Popery; for they translated the name of repentance almost unto certain external rites. They babble somewhat, indeed, about the feigned contrition of the heart; but they touch that part very slightly, and they stand principally upon the external exercises of the body, which were little worth. . . . Wherefore, let us know that this is the true repentance, when a man is renewed in the spirit of his mind, as Paul teacheth (Rom xii.2)." (John Calvin on Acts 2:38).