Saturday, April 30, 2005

Partial Correction On a Previous Entry

Yesterday I reported that Jack Van Impe and his wife were converting to Roman Catholicism, and I provided the video to two of their recent programs that indicate as much. Since then, a couple of people have approached me and expressed their feeling that the "conversion" is not from Protestantism to Roman Catholicism per se, but from hostility toward RCism to friendship with RCism. I can see why they think this, since the Van Impes did not overtly say they were becoming Roman Catholic. For the record, I accept that I might be wrong about the full-blown conversion. However, I think their most recent programs indicate more of a move toward RCism than simple friendship. The way they are currently talking bears all the marks of an eventual conversion. They missed the Easter deadline for this year, so maybe they're stringing their viewers along until next year to take as many with them as is possible. Time will tell--and then no doubt TIME will tell.